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3 Reasons to Request a Consultation with Jon Ostroff, an Experienced Limited Tort Lawyer

The insurance company has told you that you cannot recover damages because you chose a Pennsylvania limited tort policy.  Another attorney has refused to take your case because you chose a limited tort policy. We want to speak to you because you chose a limited tort policy. Jon Ostroff loves helping limited tort clients, and you’re going to love the way we handle your limited tort case.

A limited tort policy does not necessarily mean that you cannot recover money for your losses and damages for your auto accident injuries. But with limited tort, you should consult with an experienced Pennsylvania limited tort lawyer like Jon Ostroff.

We advise limited tort insurance accident victims to contact us as soon as possible so that:

The Insurance Company Knows That You are Serious About Pursuing Your Recovery. Insurance companies know that Jon Ostroff means business and that he will battle for his clients to see that justice is done.  Studies show that accident victims who are represented by attorneys recover triple the amount of money that they would on their own.

It Won’t Cost You Anything to Contact Jon. We do not charge for an initial consultation.  In fact, we do not get paid until we get you paid.  Therefore, you have nothing to lose by calling Jon to learn more about your rights with limited tort.

You can get your potential recovery faster. The sooner that you contact Jon, the sooner Ostroff Injury Law can get to work on your behalf and help you get your potential damages. Below are a few cases where we were able to obtain recoveries for other limited tort clients.

Take a Step Toward Your Recovery Today

Ostroff Injury Law helps victims with limited tort still obtain damages to cover pain and suffering, medical bills, and other related expenses. Call our firm today at 800-818-8148 or fill out the form to the right if you need an attorney to fight for your rights after a vehicle accident.

As always, you pay nothing until your case settles.