Your Personal Injury Case Should NOT Be Delayed By The Pandemic!

We are still obtaining great results for our injured clients during these challenging times. Our work-from-home technology and cutting edge communication tools allow our growing staff to assist clients whether they work from home or our office.
Since the pandemic closed our courts to jury trials, we continue to:
  • Obtain great settlements
  • File dozens of lawsuits monthly
  • Help injured clients get medical care
  • Secure key evidence needed to win cases

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Court Closures Should NOT Slow Down Your Case


Court closures are no reason for your case to not be moving forward, period. In fact, the same court order issued by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania that temporarily shut down courthouses also requires lawyers to use electronic and virtual meetings to continue to forward cases. As you might expect, the majority of the case building process is now digital — cases can be filed with the courts digitally, depositions can be setup and executed electronically, and meetings with your lawyer can and should be conducted via conference call or video chat. Even though courts may temporarily be closed, your case should continue to build. Don’t let any lawyer try to tell you otherwise.

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Law Offices Working Remotely Should NOT Slow Down Your Case


Don’t let your lawyer try to tell you that the pandemic is slowing down your case building process. A strong law firm can (and will) use technology to do everything remotely that would normally be conducted in their offices. As mentioned above, this includes setting up and conducting depositions, performing mediation and negotiation, and any and all actions short of an official hearing in a physical courthouse. The only group that is somewhat screwed during this crisis are cases that were listed to go to trial during this period — there is simply no way around that. But a good lawyer can and will help you relist your case.


What If I Can’t Reach My Lawyer?


Coronavirus should not impact your ability to reach your lawyer. If you have already tried the main line and sent them an email with no response, it is absolutely appropriate to send them a text (and if you don’t, you should have your lawyer’s cell number). If they have a Facebook or Instagram page, send them a message there too — don’t accept no for an answer. And ultimately, if you’re not happy with their response or their response time, you should know that it is not a big deal to hire a new lawyer and get the case transferred. Your new lawyer should absorb your old lawyer’s fees so you are not double-paying. 

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Is A Settlement The Right Step For You During Coronavirus?


It’s important to know that insurance companies are settling cases well right now. Insurance companies are not taking nearly as many claims with so many people still at home or under limited movement. And insurance adjusters and attorneys are not dealing with trials as well while courthouses are closed across the country. This leads to more time to talk settlements, and as a result we are finding many insurance companies are putting fair offers out there for many of our cases. The good news with settlement is that there is nothing that cannot be handled remotely and electronically — checks can be deposited, releases can be executed, etc. If you believe your case was in a position to settle prior to coronavirus, you should talk to your lawyer about it.

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